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Mediation in Chesterfield

Mediation is a neutral, voluntary process undertaken by two or more parties who need additional guidance and advice in order to solve an issue or dispute between them. Mediation is a suitable alternative to court as it can often solve the problem in a less stressful, cost effective way.

Our team at Midlands Dove offer a variety of mediation services in the Chesterfield area including family mediation, civil and commercial mediation and workplace mediation. Each of these services is specifically suited to different situations and choosing the correct mediation service is the first step in resolving a dispute in a way that is acceptable to all parties involved.

What Happens in Mediation?Family Mediation

Family mediation can be used for divorcing couples or those who have been living together for various periods of time. Our services are also suited for disputes involving extended family members such as siblings, parents, in-laws or any other relative.

Our family mediation service encourages each participating party to reflect on their issues and disputes in a controlled and relaxed environment. Our expert family mediation team can provide specialist information and guidance to help each party come to a resolution that is acceptable for all involved.

Family mediation is a good way of exploring the various different options available to you and discovering which methods, going forward, will work best for you and the other parties involved. For more information about Family Mediation in Chesterfield visit our service page or our FAQ page to obtain answers from frequently asked questions.

Civil Mediation

The core principals of civil and commercial mediation are similar to those of family mediation. However civil mediation differs in the fact that it is suitable for disputes between two or more parties that do not relate to the family.

Civil Mediation is applicable to situations such as inheritance disputes, boundary issues between neighbours and landlord-tenant disagreements as well as an array of other situations. However, civil mediation is a voluntary process and relies on the co-operation of all parties involved.

Our team understand this and, as such, can arrange meetings that are flexible on time and location in order to ensure that all parties are present during the mediation process. For more information on the intricacies of our Civil Mediation services in Chesterfield contact our specialist team or visit our service page for the specifics regarding the process, locations and cost.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is best suited when there is a breakdown in communication, co-operation or understanding that is negatively impacting the workplace and/or the employees’ ability to carry out their given role.

Depending on the specific circumstances of each party, workplace mediation can be conducted either at the workplace or at an ‘off-site’ location. The process will then begin with a mediator discussing the issue at hand with the participants in order to gain an understanding of how best to help solve the dispute.

Our specialist team at Midlands Dove are always on hand to lend assistance, therefore, should you have any queries regarding Workplace Mediation in Chesterfield, contact us or visit our dedicated service page.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a neutral and non-court based process that is about working together with a trained mediator to come up with mutually agreeable solutions. We find that mediation is ideally suited to those who are able to cooperate amicably throughout the process.

You will meet with an impartial mediator in Chesterfield (or at any location to suit your needs) and have as many mediation meetings necessary to come up with the solution you want. Mediation is often cheaper and quicker than going through the Courts as, very often, only a couple of sessions are required. Legal Aid is still available if you are eligible.

Mediation is most commonly used for relationship breakdown and family issues, but it can help resolve all kinds of disputes including those between neighbours, or in the workplace. Midlands Mediation provide family mediation, civil and commercial mediation, and workplace mediation in the Chesterfield, Derbyshire area. Find out more about the Mediation process with our Mediation FAQ’s.

The Process

The first stage for Family Mediation is to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) with one of our qualified Mediator Assessors. This meeting is usually free and at separate times for each individual. For anyone considering the more traditional solicitor based route; please note that the MIAM is now compulsory to prove to the Court that you have at least considered mediation before issuing financial or children applications in Court.

During the MIAM, we will explain the options available to you and assess whether Legal Aid may be available. If you decide to proceed with mediation in Chesterfield, we will book your first mediation meeting with one of our fully accredited mediators. Please remember that the mediator’s role in this is neutral; they are not there to decide who is right and who is wrong.

We offer ‘shuttle mediation’ in the Chesterfield and Derbyshire area. This is where each person meets with their mediator at the same time, but in separate rooms. The mediator goes between rooms on your behalf in order to discuss and resolve your issues.

The Outcome

Once you have been through mediation and have agreed your outcomes, you can have them turned into a formal legal ‘Settlement Agreement’ via a solicitor.

Our mediators in Chesterfield are also solicitors, and they can guide you through the legal elements of the process, but they are unable to give legal advice – so you will need to seek legal advice independently.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid during your mediation then your legal advice element will also be free through your solicitor.

Using mediation was very useful for my circumstances and was dealt with, very good indeed and things always explained clearly