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Financial Remedy Orders

When couples are going through a divorce or separation, sorting out the financial side of the relationship can be the cause of a great deal of stress for both parties and all family members involved.

You will receive expert impartial support from our trained Mediators to help you address and resolve the issues which are important to you.

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Our Family Mediation team are here to take the worry off your hands. We offer a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to discuss whether ongoing mediation is appropriate for your circumstances.

To ensure we are able to deal with your enquiry efficiently, please contact us for further information via email at, or you can complete a referral form here.

What is a Financial Remedy Order?

If couples struggle to determine their financial responsibilities between each other and have tried to do so through mediation, a Financial Remedy Order can be made. This procedure will help each party divide their finances, assets and any savings between each other.

With a Financial Remedy Order you can settle any financial disagreement in court.

Some couples come to a financial agreement on their own, however the court cannot enforce it without a legally binding document.

Do I need a Financial Remedy Order?

Couples who are divorcing or separating are advised to consider a Financial Remedy Order that divides their finances and assets (or severs them completely), as couples can still claim against each other’s finances if a legal agreement is not in place.

To make your financial agreements legally binding, our family and divorce mediators can assist you with any paperwork; please get in touch today for more information.

How do I apply for a Financial Remedy Order?

Firstly you will need to complete a Form A – Financial Remedy Order application form and send two copies to the court. You should also create yourself a copy of the finished application for your own reference should you need it in the future.

What is the Financial Remedy process?

In order for the court to fully understand your situation, the Financial Remedy Order process can sometimes take between 6 – 12 months. As this order is separate from the divorce proceedings, separate court hearings may be required.

Before any financial matters are discussed, the welfare of any children involved will be considered first. Once this has been considered the court will try to make a decision on whether financial responsibilities between each parent can be completed separated, this is also known as a ‘clean break order’.

Financial factors the court will take into consideration:

  • The income of each party
  • Any future earnings each party may receive
  • Financial responsibilities in the present and future of each party
  • The length of the marriage
  • How old each party is
  • What the current standard of living is for before the divorce
  • If either party has any disabilities, both mental or physical
  • Each parties contribution towards the marriage and any children

How we can help

Our specially trained team of Family Mediators are able to provide impartial support during what may be a difficult and distressing time.

The level of help you would like from us is entirely up to you. Our team members all have experience of helping people at difficult times in their lives and we are committed to delivering to you a professional and confidential service.


Our specially trained mediators are able to provide impartial support across the country, using remote platforms.

In addition we have a network of offices based in: Chesterfield, Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby.

How to make contact

Our team are on hand to help you and can assist wherever you are based. Please email for further information, or complete a referral form.

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