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Family Mediation Week: 18-22 January 2021

This year Family Mediation Week is taking place from the 18th to the 22nd January 2021. The aim of this week, is to raise awareness of Mediation and how it can be beneficial for separating families to make arrangements for their children and finances. Our Mediators understand and appreciate, that the deterioration and breakdown in

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Making Arrangements to Care for Vulnerable Family Members

For those in self-isolation, family and friends are a life line often sourcing and delivering essential items, medicine and even care. Everyone’s daily  routines and work patterns have changed to adhere to the Governments COVID-19 Guidelines. Consequently, it can be difficult to make arrangements to provide the appropriate care and assistance for the vulnerable and

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Midlands Dove Mediation: Coronavirus Update

In light of the Government’s update on COVID-19 on the 4th January 2021, we can confirm we continue to offer and provide  Mediation services, using remote methods. MIAMS and Mediation sessions are available in Face to Face format or in shuttle, with our experienced Mediators as appropriate, using GDPR compliant platforms including ZOOM, Face Time

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Child Maintenance during COVID-19

Payment of Child Maintenance during this COVID-19 pandemic is of great concern to a number of families, as a result of people: Losing their jobs Receiving less income having been furloughed Receiving statutory sick pay Receiving no income Families changing their arrangements relating to the care of their children Bereavement The Child Maintenance Service continues

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How Civil Mediation can Help Settle Neighbourly Disputes

Neighbourly disagreements are a part of life and for the most part it makes sense just to shrug them off, as long as they’re fairly minor and/or only occasional. Sometimes, however, minor disputes can spiral to the point where they can create a meaningful rift between neighbours and, in the worst instances, can reach a

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When Should Workplace Mediation Be Refused?

When should this be refused? As with all aspects of life at work there are white – black and grey areas! When would it be considered correct to refuse a Workplace Mediation addressing issues dealing with a workplace dispute? Here is a list of some likely instances in which Workplace Mediation may not be suitable:

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Top Tips for Separating Parent and Carers

Whether you are a parent or carer, who has or is in the process of separating, your mind, will no doubt be over flowing with questions including “how do I sort out with my ex, arrangements for the children?” Every family is different, however in my experience, the family themselves, invariably hold the key regarding

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The Role of Grandparents after Separation

When parents separate, the relationship grandchildren have with their grandparents, is often affected. Well established routines, with grandparents, stop. Sometimes, this is sudden and without explanation. The effect of this creates uncertainty and anxiety for children and grandparents alike. Grandparents who are often left feeling very anxious and worried that they will not be allowed

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Workplace Mediation – Co-Worker Disputes in the Workplace

  The facts and options to resolve. In our experience: “No one, not one person, ever wants to be locked in to an intractable dispute!” Workplace disputes, between co-workers, can arise in different ways and can be difficult to deal with, particularly if left unaddressed. Where disputes and co-worker issues within the workplace, are left

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Our Services at Midlands Dove Mediation

We have undertaken a review of the guidance provided by the Government in relation their and the Country’s response to the COVID19 pandemic. We have and continue to review  the way in which we offer Mediation Services, to ensure that at all times this protects our colleagues, Mediation participants, family, friends and local community. We can

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Using mediation was very useful for my circumstances and was dealt with, very good indeed and things always explained clearly

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