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Midlands Dove Mediation urge separated parents to plan ahead for school holidays

Midlands Dove Mediation urge separated parents to plan ahead for school holiday

Don’t wait until school holiday is here before you think about parenting arrangements

Family dispute experts in Mansfield are urging separated parents to plan ahead now for the school summer vacation.

“School holidays bring a change of routine,” says Elizabeth Bilton, LLP Member and Mediator of Midlands Dove Mediation. “Living arrangements that work well in term-time can prove inadequate in the summer.

“As accredited family mediators we are often asked for help by separated parents who cannot agree between themselves what will work best for the children during the school vacation.

Rising stress levels

“The time they will spend with each parent during this period can be tricky to agree and, as July approaches, the stress levels rise.

“It’s not just about who will look after the children day-to-day. You may also need to consider special arrangements for one or other parent taking the children away for a summer break.”

And there are added complications, she adds, for example:

  • How will any summer breaks be funded?
  • How might a parent’s new partner fit into the equation?
  • What role might grandparents play during the school holiday?

“We can help you tailor a plan that fits your unique family circumstances, and our advice is to get in touch soon,” adds Elizabeth. “Don’t leave it until the last minute.

“Making the arrangements in good time will give certainty to both parents, bringing you peace of mind. And it means the children know what is coming in the weeks ahead.”

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