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Families urged to put the welfare of children first in this COVID-19 Social Lockdown

Government guidance is clear to separated families:-

“When parents do not live in the same household, children under 18years can be moved between parent’s homes” unless a specific exception applies.

The Presiding Judge of the Family Division, Sir Andrew MacFarlane tells families in conflict:-

  • To act “sensibly and safely when making decisions regarding the arrangements for their child”
  • “To communicate with one another about their worries, and
  • Discuss what they think would be a good, practical solution “to ensure that children are safe and
  • “To establish and maintain regular contact” with their parents.

If you are not ‘getting on’ with your former partner its not an easy ask!

Families do not have to go it alone! Midlands Dove Mediation are here to help.

  • Mediation is free for those who qualify
  • A safe, confidential remote, online way to share their worries and anxieties
  • Every case is Individually assessed to ensure it is suitable and everyone is willing to be part of a mediation process
  • Mediation is a place to discuss, explore options, agree and record the arrangements for each individual family
  • Specially trained independent, impartial Solicitor Mediators are there to manage those discussions to ensure they are respectful
  • Mediation costs are notably less than court proceedings where parties are represented
  • Mediation sessions can be arranged promptly and flexibly often quicker than applying to court
  • Mediation often helps families set up Parenting Plans which cover most events during their childrens childhood reducing stress and uncertainty
  • Our experienced Mediators will help you access your own legal advice and identify other services for you and your family as appropriate

Please contact our experienced and dedicated Co-Ordinators at any time of the day without obligation! Its simple:

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“Thanks so much for my appointment today. You really put me at ease. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the Skype call. It was so easy to set up and so quick.Thank you again for all your support”