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Holiday Arrangements – make sure you don’t miss the boat!

Holiday Arrangements & Separated Parents; Mediation Can HelpHolidays should be a time to kick back relax and have fun with the family. That’s harder than you think for families who have already separated or are in the midst of a family breakdown.

Instead of it being something to look forward to… it becomes an event to dread especially when communications are strained between parents. It doesn’t matter if you are recently separated, or communications have just broken down recently.

We understand the difficulties of re-establishing respectful communication can seem overwhelming… mediation has helped many parents address the concerns they have and have reached a better understanding enabling their child/ren to spend quality time with their parents and having fun on holiday.

More and more families have parents who work shifts, or cannot take time when they would like to, because of work commitments or employer restrictions. This creates friction!

There might be other reasons why arranging holidays becomes an almost impossible task for you to deal with on your own.

How can Family Mediation help you?

Family mediation is a process where parents can meet with a specially trained Mediator to assist in helping you find the solution that suits your families circumstances.

As Family Mediators, we are impartial, and will not take sides. We are here to help you look at options which might work well for the family.

Mediation can also be FREE for those who are eligible. Check out your eligibility. For more information regarding Free Mediation or our private costs please call us on 01623 706020 and speak with one of our friendly Co-Ordinators who will be happy to help.

Let us help your family deal with the challenges you face making arrangements for that all important family holiday!

Our Mediators at Midlands Dove are here to help you look at all your arrangements for the children.

How we can help

Sort out how your children share time between you in the Week, Weekend routines, Birthday arrangements, Christmas arrangements, School holidays, Family holidays and any other special arrangements

Our experienced Co-Ordinators are friendly and experienced. They can provide you with more information on how to access our Mediation Service. Call us on 01623 706020.
We mediate across Nottingham and Derbyshire.

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“Thanks so much for my appointment today. You really put me at ease. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the Skype call. It was so easy to set up and so quick.Thank you again for all your support”