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How Can I prepare for a MIAM?

Firstly, do not be nervous about attending your MIAM! Our Mediators are independent and impartial. They will not be judgemental of you or your circumstances. They understand that they are strangers, the process can be nerve racking and that it can be difficult to discuss your circumstances.

Prior to your MIAM taking place, you will receive information from us to assist you in:

  1. Knowing when your appointment is.
  2. Establishing which remote video platform your meeting will take place on (and provide you with our Guide to such MIAMS and your unique access details if applicable) or how to locate our offices.
  3. A guide explaining what the benefits of the MIAM would be.
  4. A guide in respect of the documentation you are required to provide to us, should you wish to be assessed for Free Mediation. Should you wished to be assessed for free Mediation it is essential that you provide us with all of the documentation, referred to within our guide.
  5. Details of the documentation we require to verify your identity.

Please read the information we provide you when you receive them and if you have any questions about them please do not hesitate to contact our experienced coordinators on 01623706020.

Prior to your appointment:

  1. Provide us with evidence of your identity (two forms)
  2. If you are paying for your MIAM, contact us to make payment
  3. Provide us with all of the documentation, detailed in our Guide to Free Mediation, to enable us to assess your entitlement to Free Mediation
  4. If your MIAM is taking place remotely, ensure you are able to use the relevant platform
  5. Ensure you are able to be somewhere confidential and quiet, if your MIAM is taking place remotely
  6. Some people find it helpful to consider or make a note of any information which you feel is relevant to your circumstances that you may wish for the Mediator to know
  7. Relax
  8. Wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate
  9. If a Court Order has already been made, which is relevant to your current difficulties it may be helpful to have access to this to your MIAM however, this is not essential.
  10. Some people find it helpful to bring a notepad with them to the MIAM to enable them to write down any information which they are provided by the Mediator which they feel is useful. This is not however necessary.

Our Mediators are all experienced family solicitors as well as being Accredited Family Mediation Council Mediators.  Being Accredited with the Family Mediation Council, means that they are qualified to meet with you.

Your MIAM is an opportunity to meet with one of our experienced Mediators to explore and discuss your circumstances, along with the Mediation and other processes, which might assist you in resolving your current difficulties. Your MIAM will be for you as an individual. It is confidential or recorded.

If you have an queries about your MIAM please do not hesitate to contact us on 01623706020.

Mediation helped put my sons needs first and mediator gave us tools to make him comfortable and for us to care for him the same. The mediator was lovely and easy to talk to