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Solicitor, Accredited All Issues Mediator, Direct Child Consultant and PPC

Jennie Byrne LLM, LLB Exempting

Jennie qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and has been working within Family Law ever since. In 2010 Jennie complete a Master’s degree in Child Law and became a fully Accredited All Issues Mediator in 2010, through Resolution and has become one of only a few Mediators in the country who hold the appropriate FMC accreditation to sign off on MIAMs required by the Family Court prior to an application being issued.

Jennie became a Direct Child Consultant in 2012 which enables her to undertake child inclusive mediation sessions. This process, enabling parents to involve and incorporate into their decision-making, where appropriate the views of their child or children. This if often referred to as the “Voice of the Child”.

As an experienced Mediator, Jennie helps her clients resolve issues and helps them put into place agreements in relation to ALL ISSUES following relationship breakdown. She is often called upon to assist in complex and sensitive arrangements for children as well as property and financial issues.

This includes resolution of the day to day care of children, arrangements for special occasions such as Christmas, current and future housing needs, formalization of separation, financial arrangements, business ownership, debt and pension matters are all part and parcel of the issues her clients bring to the mediation table for discussion, negotiation and resolution. Jennie has frequently undertaken Mediation which involve a number of these issues and helped families to prioritize the issues they wish to resolve in a manageable, effective and safe environment.

As well as assisting families who have separated, Jennie is also able to undertake Mediation for other family issues and disputes such as arrangements for grandparents and extended family members to spend time with children, determination of paternity, delegation or formalization of Parental Responsibility, specific issues relating to the upbringing of a child such surnames, which school they will attend etc.

Jennie is also an experienced family solicitor which means that as a mediator she is also able to ensure that she is able to use her legal knowledge to provide relevant information and also provide her experience as to strategies and options which parties could consider as a part of their road to finding their ultimate workable solution and settlement. Jennie can ensure that mediating parties are aware of how to put their proposals into action and to ensure they are aware of and have access to appropriate independent legal and financial advice, as well as other services who may be able to support the parties and their family.

Jennie’s experience as a family Solicitor and Mediator have enabled her to develop professional relationships and work with a number of organizations, support services and experts including Property Valuers, Accountants, Mortgage Advisors, Pension Actuaries, Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Domestic Abuse Workers and Solicitors. Jennie as a Mediator is able to signpost families to organizations and services who may be able to support and assist them.

Jennie is able to offer and hold Free (if eligible) and private Mediation on face to face or shuttle (where the parties sit in separate rooms) basis from a variety of locations including Chesterfield, Mansfield, Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and at other outreach locations across the region.

In 2015 Jennie became a Professional Practice Consultant for other family mediators seeking support, mentoring and experience in the field of family mediation.

In 2017 Jennie trained as a workplace mediator, able to assist with disputes between employees, directors, family members within family businesses and which arise from changes or proposed changes within the workplace.

Jennie’s academic and professional achievements and qualifications include:

  • LLB Exempting Law Degree.
  • Qualifying as a Solicitor (2007).
  • Accredited All Issues Mediator through Resolution (2010).
  • A Masters in Child Law (2010) giving her specialist knowledge in cases involving children.
  • Legal Aid Supervisor.
  • Family Mediation Council Accredited Mediator authorized for the conduct and completion of (MIAMS).
  • Direct Child Consultant (2012).
  • Accredited Member of HSSF ‘Help and Support for Separated Families’ (2014).
  • Accredited as a Professional Practice Consultant (2015). This enables Jennie to supervise and support other Mediators.
  • Law Society Family Accredited (renewed 2015).
  • Registered as a Member of the Family Mediation Council (2015 and confirmed 2016).
  • Workplace Mediation (2017).

Jennie’s Mediation client’s have said:

“The mediator was very knowledgeable, professional and neutral. She kept the issues on track which helped me. She was clear and precise. There was no legal jargon.” Mr H, Mansfield

“Mediation was an extremely easy process to follow. After years of dealing with other firms of solicitors, and protracted correspondence, a resolution was come to after 4 sessions. My mediator was unbiased but sympathetic.” Ms B, Heanor.

Jennie is able to Mediate at the following Locations:

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Jennie is also a very experienced Family Lawyer, having qualified as a Solicitor in 2007 and undertaking family legal work since this date. As such she continues to offer clients the opportunity to instruct her either as a mediator jointly or singularly as their legal adviser.

Clients wishing to instruct Jennie as their legal advisor do so through her practice in ELLIOT MATHER LLP. Please click here for the appropriate link to her solicitor profile

If you would like to discuss matters regarding familycommercial or workplace mediation, contact Jennie through on email on

“Thanks so much for my appointment today. You really put me at ease. I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the Skype call. It was so easy to set up and so quick.Thank you again for all your support”