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Mother’s Day with Midlands Dove Mediation

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (22nd March 2020). It is intended to be a day to celebrate relationships with mothers and maternal figures.

Whilst Mother’s Day is often regarded as being over commercialised, it can be a very difficult day for many people.  This may be due to a relative no longer being around following their death or following a separation.  In some instances the day is further complicated by uneasy and tensed ongoing relations as families separate and expand the inclusion of with the development of stepparent, step-siblings, step grandparents and half siblings.  People can often have feelings of anxiety surrounding this and in particular children.

At Midlands Dove Mediation, we are able to provide a safe and confidential environment to enable families to discuss arrangements to ensure that families are able to make arrangements which are acceptable for each of them which ensures that family and children including extended family members are able to celebrate occasions including Mother’s Day along with other special occasions with those people who matter to them.

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