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Our Services at Midlands Dove Mediation

We have undertaken a review of the guidance provided by the Government in relation their and the Country’s response to the COVID19 pandemic.

We have and continue to review  the way in which we offer Mediation Services, to ensure that at all times this protects our colleagues, Mediation participants, family, friends and local community.

We can confirm that at the present time we will continue to only offer our Mediation services remotely.  We do not have timescale as to when we will be able to offer MIAMS or Mediation Sessions face to face, however, this is something that we will continue to review in accordance with guidance and regulations provided by the Government, Family Mediation Council and Legal Aid Agency.

As a consequence, we will continue to offer and provide our confidential Mediation services, using secure remote video platforms:


  • ZOOM
  • Facetime
  • Skype


We continue to offer and undertake MIAMS and Mediation sessions, with our experienced Solicitor Mediators, where appropriate, this includes Free publically funded Mediation, to help families to resolve disputes in relation to a variety of issues.

We appreciate that the use of remote technology, APPs and technology can be off putting for some people. As you are aware we have been undertaking such meetings for some time, effectively, both during this pandemic and prior to it.  We have received positive feedback from Mediation participants, who have used the remote video meetings with us, many of whom had never used remote video meetings before.

We have developed and adapted guidance, our policies and procedures to assist and support to separated families, in using remote video platforms.

Our remote Mediation services are compliant with the standards established by the Family Mediation Council, Resolution, the Law Society and the Legal Aid Agency.

Should you or someone you know wish to engage in the remote Mediation process with us please do not hesitate to provide us with your completed referral form which can be accessed on our website email us or call us on 01623706020.

If you would like to have further information from us in relation to our remote video working practices please do not hesitate to contact us at



Going to mediation really helped my situation and sorted things out, I believe in a much quicker and easier way. The mediators I dealt with were very helpful in the sense of giving us all the information and making sure we understood clearly before making any decisions by ourselves