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When Should Workplace Mediation Be Refused?

When should this be refused? As with all aspects of life at work there are white – black and grey areas!

When would it be considered correct to refuse a Workplace Mediation addressing issues dealing with a workplace dispute?

Here is a list of some likely instances in which Workplace Mediation may not be suitable:

  • There are unresolved facts, such as; Did ‘employee A’, use the fork lift truck as a weapon against ‘employee B’?
  • An external agency is involved such as; the police, the HSE, or other professional body.
  • If a participant does not feel safe within the process
  • If there are insufficient safeguards to maintain confidentiality at the venue
  • If there is an unreasonable/unexplained refusal to allow a supporter to be present.
  • If a party feels under pressure or coerced into attending.
  • If a party understands the Mediation process and is unwilling to engage. (Mediation is a voluntary process)
  • If there are present or fluctuating mental or physical health conditions which may invalidate/ disadvantage one of the participants.
  • A participant is being asked to pay towards the process.

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Going to mediation really helped my situation and sorted things out, I believe in a much quicker and easier way. The mediators I dealt with were very helpful in the sense of giving us all the information and making sure we understood clearly before making any decisions by ourselves