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Terms & Conditions


Your Mediator will provide you with full details of our terms and conditions and fees specific to Family, Civil and Commercial or Work Place Mediation when you make contact with us. We will be able to assess your requirements and provide you with information concerning costs.

In Family Mediation we will discuss with you the eligibility and availability of publicly funded Mediation to assist you with the costs of our Mediation services. We will also discuss with you the associated costs of any Assessment Meetings. Please see Family Mediation Assessment Costs.

Fees and Expenses

Private fees and expenses plus VAT are met by each individual participating party unless we are informed otherwise. On some occasions parties agree to share fees equally. On other occasions one party agrees to discharge the whole of the costs.

Room Hire Fees

Room hire fees or expenses will be charged where cancellation occurs within the cancellation period. Please see below for fees due on cancellation.

Civil, Commercial and Work Place Mediation

Fees do not include agreed expenses such as room hire, catering and the Mediator’s travelling costs. These will be provided to you by the Mediator as a best estimate.

Payment – Family Mediation

Unless a Mediation is conducted under the current public funding scheme fees will be paid immediately at the end of each Mediation meeting, or in the case where preparation of documents or additional work is required, before final copies or summaries are provided.

Our Mediators often operate in outreach locations. They will not have access to direct debit or credit card facilities at these venues. We ask that payments are made to the Mediator either by way of cheque supported by a guarantee card, or for the bank transfer of the fees to be paid to us on the same day as the Mediation. If the Mediation is within office hours payments over the telephone by debit and credit card may be made. At the time of payment you will be advised of any credit charge levied.

Fee Payment

All fees are payable to Banner Jones Limited, trading as Bilton Hammond Solicitors or Banner Jones Solicitors, and not to the individual Mediator.


Interest will be charged on amounts overdue at 8% per annum. Fees will be considered overdue at the end of one full working day after the conclusion of the Mediation session.

Cancellation – Family Mediation

A cancellation fee will be payable if either party cancels prior to the session.

One working days notice or less – full sessional fee payable
One and a half working days notice – ¼ sessional fee payable.
Two working days notice – no fee payable.

Cancellation – Civil, Commercial and Workplace

Cancellations which occur after a Mediation date has been agreed, but more than ten working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) before the allotted Mediation date, incur a cancellation charge.

The fee will be shared between the parties.

Where a cancellation is made within ten working days of the allotted Mediation session (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays), 50% of the agreed fees will be payable.

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the allotted Mediation sessions (excluding weekends and public holidays), attract payment of the full agreed fees.

All agreed expenses incurred by Midlands Mediation, and the cost of preparation time by the allocated Mediator will be payable in full regardless of the notice period given for cancellation.

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