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Workplace Mediation – Co-Worker Disputes in the Workplace

The facts and options to resolve.

In our experience:

“No one, not one person, ever wants to be locked in to an intractable dispute!”

Workplace disputes, between co-workers, can arise in different ways and can be difficult to deal with, particularly if left unaddressed.

Where disputes and co-worker issues within the workplace, are left unresolved or acknowledged, this can cause considerable and often unnecessary distress and disruption to all aspects of their lives (both at work and at home).

Over time the effects of co-worker disputes, can escalate to involving other colleagues, line managers/ supervisors and employers, which impact upon the whole organization, as well as relationships at home, with loved ones and family.

Workplace disputes, often result in parties being emotionally affected, as well as it impacting upon their physical well-being. Reports of anxiety, depression, loss of sleep and other unpleasant effects are not uncommon and in some cases, results in an employee feeling they need to leave their place of work and seek new employment.

Is Workplace Mediation the solution?

Workplace Mediation is designed to be a discrete, confidential piece of work undertaken over the course of half or full day. The costs of Workplace Mediation, are met by the employer.

Attending a Workplace Mediation with a co – worker can initially feel quite daunting. We understand how difficult can be, but also have seen the beneficial effects it can produce.

As a Workplace Mediation service, we have had experience and specialist training, in helping co- workers address and overcome issues.

We have own our special guide, for participants to a Workplace Mediation, as well as having information available for Employers and HR.

These guides explain Workplace Mediation, simply and step by step and provide clarity about the process and our Service. Please feel free to contact our experienced co-ordinators to discuss your needs.

Prior to Workplace Mediation taking place, pre-meeting Assessment will be arranged with one of our experienced and specialist Mediators. These normally take place at a rearranged time, over the telephone.

The pre-meeting Assessment will take place with each potential participant to the Mediation and provide an opportunity for the process to be explained and clarified.

Additionally, this enables the Mediator to ensure all participants are willing to engage within the voluntary process to ensure the process is suitable before setting up the mediation Session itself.

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